Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with renewable energy generation. While most people associate energy efficiency with living with less, cold, and in the dark, this is not the case at all. Energy efficiency deals with actively monitoring your usage and minimizing waste when not in demand. For example, simply ensuring that all lighting is turned off when not actually needed will significantly reduce your energy demand, resulting in financial savings on your electrical bill. Using a “smart” thermostat to automatically lower your home heating and cooling needs during hours when you are not home is another simple solution. The possibilities for savings are endless and result from simple everyday behavior alterations to mechanical and technology implementation to make better use of the energy and heat you consume.

CURE is proud to offer our Energy Efficiency and Auditing services. We will help you to identify energy reducing methods from education and behavior modification to upgrading major systems such as lighting, space heating, and water heating systems. Both our commercial and residential clients will see significant financial savings through tax credits, rebate programs, and simple reduction of the the energy they use. Energy efficiency is the first, and most important, step to savings and energy independence, it simply makes dollars and “sense” in addition to dramatically lowering the investment required for your renewable energy system. The best part is energy efficiency is for everyone and can be implemented anywhere. Typically our clients can save $3 to $5 on an RE system for every $1 invested in energy efficiency. Resources for incentives for energy efficiency improvements can be found at: Even if RE is not your final goal, our clients understand the financial and environmental importance of using energy intelligently and responsibly to increase their bottom line and make a better future for our planet.

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