Solar Electric Systems

Solar electricity is Wisconsin’s fastest growing renewable energy market. A solar electric system’s ability to silently convert the sun’s energy into clean, green electricity, combined with ease of maintenance and falling component costs have made them a popular choice for home-owners, farms, business/industrial applications, and community/government organizations interested in renewable energy. Today’s solar electric modules are more efficient than ever and a solar electric system can easily be sized to fit your energy needs. Solar energy resources here in the Midwest are equivalent in abundance to Germany, one of the leading installers of solar collection systems, which means plenty of clean, reliable energy for your purpose.

Benefits of Solar Energy Systems:

  • Can be used to supplement or replace conventional electricity and gas usage.
  • Highly practical for urban, suburban, and rural applications alike.
  • Greater installation and production possibilities such as roof-mounted, ground mounted “static” systems, and dual axis tracker systems.
  • Can be designed and installed on green spaces or as forms of architecture such as sun-shades, car ports, other non-residential architecture such as parking lot weather shields.
  • Easier to incorporate into existing structures and architecture where aesthetics are concerned -systems are modular and can be divided into several smaller components over an area of interest rather than one large array.
  • Because systems are designed and installed in “strings”, it is easier to add to for future increased energy needs.
  • Little, if any, moving parts promote an extensive life span.
  • Least amount of maintenance -damage to individual modules can be easier to repair or replace.

Shortfalls to Solar Energy Systems:

  • Requires a larger footprint per kW than wind power.
  • Production is dependent on amount of sunshine available at any given time.

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