Residential and Non-Residential Site Assessments

Site assessments provide recommendations for customers considering solar electric, solar water heating, and wind electric systems. Focus on Energy (for Wisconsin residents) requires a site assessment to qualify for wind power electric system incentives and highly recommends site assessments for all renewable energy system installations. We offer site assessments as a stand alone feature or as part of a project as a whole.

A site assessment will help you determine if a renewable energy system will fit your energy needs, site, and budget. Costs for site assessments vary depending on the type and complexity of the renewable energy system and typically range from $300 to $1000. Our process begins with an online site assessment application which will help you provide us with basic information followed with a preliminary feasibility Q&A session over an initial phone call.  Submit an assessment application.

During your site visit, the assessor will:

  • Review your system goals
  • Review how systems of interest work
  • Complete a basic analysis of your energy needs
  • Make energy efficiency improvement recommendations to help reduce the size of system you will need
  • Evaluate the sun/wind resources at your site
  • Recommend a system size and setting to meet your energy goals
  • Estimate the system’s production
  • Provide a rough cost estimate for the system
  • Overview the incentives for which the system is eligible
  • Provide a preliminary economic analysis of the system
  • Outline the next steps you need to take to make your system a reality

Note: a site assessment is not a bid nor does it provide a system design. This is a separate process and should not be addressed at the time of assessment to prevent conflict of interest.