Wind Energy Systems

Wind energy is on the forefront of renewable energy systems. Because of their ability to generate large amounts of energy compared to their occupied space, they are highly adaptable to most installation locations. Wind turbines can be installed virtually anywhere other than dense urban areas: a small corner of a farm field, along side a corporate center parking lot, even the green space along side of a school ground or municipal building depending on your zoning and civil regulations. Along with the many benefits and options for wind generated power, there are exceptions to the rule. There are a few myths, accusations, and unproven technologies out there that are untrue or simply are like throwing your money at the wind. Careful consideration and research should be used when deciding which system you should be interested in and who you should have install it.

Let our team of experienced professionals “clear the air” and ensure that a wind energy system is truly the right fit for you and your expectations through a proper site assessment and equipment selection. This being said, we do not and will not, have any involvement in vertical axis, roof mounted, or other unproven or undocumented turbines. Simply put, there is no proven and documented output showing equivalent or even approaching the documented production of a properly assessed, sited, and installed horizontal axis wind turbine. We stand by this statement. Think of it this way, if the large, billion dollar wind farms will not use them, you shouldn’t either and you can find more about why not in our informational section.

Please read the sections “How a Turbine Works” and “The Tower” for information when determining if wind energy is for you.

If you decide a wind system is for you, we welcome the opportunity and offer continued annual inspection and maintenance contracts to ensure optimal production for years to come. We follow through with all inquiries and specialize in turbine and tower projects of any size especially large turbines from 10 kW to 250 kW sized turbines requiring specialized crane assisted tower construction and turbine mounting expertise.