Who We Are

Established in 2008 to serve the renewable energy industry, CURE Energy Solutions (formerly known as URE – Unlimited Renewable Energies™) is a specialized division and wholly-owned subsidiary of Tower Technologies LLC. The skills and experience of Tower Technologies LLC are readily transferable to the renewable energy field. We have long standing relationships and access to a wealth of experienced engineers, builders, architects, electricians, plumbers and other construction professionals to facilitate the unique demands of every project.

Since 2002 Tower Technologies LLC has been a leader in the tower and construction field, setting the standards for high quality work and stringent safety practices. The general contracting services of Tower Technologies LLC include development of cellular sites, tower erection, structural upgrades and maintenance, and installation of equipment on existing structures.

CURE Energy Solutions is acutely aware of the urgent need for wide-scale change in our energy consumption habits. The employees of Tower Technologies LLC / CURE Energy Solutions were drawn together because we are like-thinking individuals. Together we endeavor to become better stewards of the world and help preserve resources for generations to come.

Through partnerships with organizations like Focus on Energy that provide energy efficiency and renewable energy financial incentives, we will maximize our customers’ eligibility for financial incentives and help bring renewable energy installations within their financial reach.